Notable Family Business


A good family business should be profitable of course; but that isn’t all it needs.  It should also reflect something you and your family are passionate about.  Whether it is a product you really believe in, a service you believe adds real value to people’s lives, or just a cute idea that is uplifting – you need to believe in it.

Affiliate sites can offer you the freedom to cover a few of these bases.  I’m going to use as an example.  This website is an affiliate site for Amazon, but the owner is also working hard on the Ketogenic diet; so you see a lot of real passion and personal connection to the topic.  I doubt it is very profitable at the moment, but over time if they can build their brand and their traffic, it could make them a little money.

They do real reviews of real products they have tried.  Real recipes they have eaten.  I think it is a very authentic approach to a family business.