Mannatech Scam Dr. John Rollins Video

Is Mannatech a Scam? In this video Dr. John Rollins reveals the truth about the reliability of this Texas based company.

Who is Mannatech?

Mannatech is a research and development company specializing in Real Food Technology™ Solutions. The company’s strategy to produce the finest quality forms of real food supplementation have been the subject of much controversy due mostly to its flagship product Ambrotose®.

Why is Ambrotose® so Controversial?

The reason Ambrotose® has caused such a stir is that recent discoveries have dis-proved what many have called scientific fact. 20 Years ago, it was a known “fact” that sugar was only good for either producing energy or storing as fat. However, recent break through science has PROVEN there is a category of sugars that contribute to healthy biological functions in the body.

For the lay person this  means that we are seeing an epic battle being fought because a new technology is contradicting the accepted understanding of our wellness industries. Eventually, technologies like these move into the accepted way of thinking, but only after a painful releasing of old ways of thinking. People using Mannatech’s Ambrotose® right now would be considered to be the early adapters to what will eventually become accepted.

Why Does Google Suggest the Word Scam Anyway?

One of the contributing factors to this issue actually comes from the Google Search engine and the way it automatically suggests words after you start to type in a search on the word Mannatech. If you do a search on Mannatech, Google will suggest other words it thinks you may be searching for like “Plus”, “Reviews”, or “Scam”. Interestingly enough, once Mannatech began to better manage it’s online reputation in Google, the search engine has removed the word “Scam” from it’s automatic suggestion tool. For more info on how Google contributed to this issue see this Mannatech Scam article about Google.

Who is Dr. John Rollins?

Dr. Rollins is a developmental biologist with 2 masters degrees & a PhD who worked at the US Patent and Trademark Office as well as 2 medical schools in the U.S.  At the patent office, Dr. Rollins specialty was carbohydrate chemistry/carbohydrate compositions which uniquely makes him an authority on this specific technology.

Why are people so confused about Mannatech?

The first reason people ask if Mannatech is a scam is because there are conflicting websites out there talking about this company. Some websites have either mis-leading or incorrect information based on the “old ways” of thinking. Again, it’s understandable as this is a disruptive technology that is challenging what was previously considered ”fact”.

The second reason there is conflicting information is that savvy marketers know how to use these kinds of controversy to generate traffic for their websites. When you get to their site, the page has little to do with that actual company or issue and is just used to generate traffic. For more information on this see this article Mannatech Scam – Is Google Distorting Your Perception.

What about the Lawsuit from the Texas Attorney General?

The issue was resolved and Mannatech was never found guilty of any wrong doing. The case was completely settled. Also, be sure to keep some perspective. Lawsuits are a part of any major business. Just go Google “IBM Lawsuit” and you’ll find over 6 MILLION web pages talking about various IBM lawsuits, but you probably still think of them as a major positive icon in business… and they are!

Additional Protection from Scams

If you’re worried about any company being a scam, just see what their return policies are. Poor conditions for returns might be an early warning flag that you might need to be concerned.

Fortunately when it comes to Mannatech you can rest easy because  they offer a 6 month Satisfaction Guarantee. How many companies do you know of that will let you TRY their products for up to 6 months?

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