Does Aweber Require Confirmed Opt In

If you are importing a list into Aweber, is it a requirement for all my subscribers to confirm/double opt-in?  If you are importing your managed list you probably don’t want them having to ‘re-subscribe’.

Why would Aweber want me to force my list to confirm their opt-in status?

Aweber has one of the highest delivery rates in the industry and they want to protect themselves from people uploading an unqualified list. The reason they have such high delivery  rates is because they have excellent relationships with ISP’s. They are able to maintain those relationships because they don’t tolerate sending spam.

One of the ways Aweber prevents spam is by ‘Strongly Encouraging’ people to use the confirmed (double) opt-in settings… for which the Internet Providers show them appreciation by allowing more of Awebers emails to pass through their email spam filters.

That’s great news for Aweber customers because they know they have the best chance of making it through spam filters.

Is Double Opt-in Required For New Subscribers?

If you read the verbiage on Aweber’s site they use words like ‘We STRONGLY encourage you”… Now, I’m no lawyer, but that sounds like ‘NO’ to me. On top of all that you can turn the double opt-in requirement off for people who are opting in. If it were required, I seriously doubt you would even have this option.

Is Confirmed Opt-in Necessary When Importing My List in Aweber?

Not Necessarily. If you’re already managing an up to date list in an active relationship with your subscribers, then Aweber may not necessarily require you to have your subscribers RE-confirm their subscriptions. Aweber will again strongly encourage you to do this, but it may not be necessary.

If you want to import subscribers without confirming the opt-in then you’ll actually have to contact Aweber directly to see if you qualify. They don’t appear to publish the criteria anywhere, so I’m sure you’ll have to state  your case with them to get approval. Check out their page about importing subscribers without confirmation.

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