Simple Systems Produce Great Results for Families

If you really want to make money working at home with your own family business, you MUST KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING & HOW YOU’RE DOING IT. It would shock you, how many people have none of the structure it takes to be successful. So whether you’re looking to start a business or you want your business to be more successful here’s a few specific things I KNOW will help you.

In a business model like network marketing, the biggest way you make money is by having people partner with you as a part of your team. To be able to do this well, you’re going to need to be aware of a few things that most people overlook. Almost Every person you’re talking to who is interested in earning money from home has a similar set of questions.

  • Is this for Real?
  • Will I loose money at this?
  • Can I really do this?

So, if you are presenting information about your company, products, or how others can make money by being one of your team members, it’s very likely that you may be unaware that your not answering the real question that your prospect is not asking. They want to know, Can I really do this?

When you do a whole dog and pony show with multimedia and pyrotechnic explosions your potential business partner is impressed, but they walk away saying I could never do all that. Or, if you have no process and you give your prospect 4 web sites, 2 DVDs, 4 CDs and 3 conference call lines…. they are sitting there thinking ‘I don’t have time for this’… and so, ‘I really can’t do this’.

The big buzzwords in network marketing systems are…

Keep your System Simple

Keep your System Duplicate able

SIMPLE and DUPLICATE ABLE Systems Make You Money

Simple Systems are those that are EASY TO DO.

For example, I often tell people I’m working with “If you can hand out a website or a phone number, then you can do this business”. Here’s the best part. It really is true! Anyone can hand out a website… it’s so easy.

Duplicate able Systems are those that ANYONE CAN DO.

For example, Let’s say you’re the kind of person that wants to do a whole dog and pony show with pyrotechnic explosions. The whole time you’re explaining the micro-biological makeup at the sub atomic level your potential business partner is sitting there thinking “Wow, this is very interesting… but I can’t do what he just did’.

If you don’t get anything else, PAY ATTENTION RIGHT NOW. When you’re looking for potential business partners, what you’re really doing asking them to believe that they are going to make money with you. When you have a simple system that you Know, Do, and can Teach, then you’re belief helps them believe. Your personal belief in your opportunity, products, and ability to make money is the magic dust that makes it all work. Your System is the structure that helps you believe and get results fastest.

As a professional in the home business industry you need a system that does most of the work for you. You need a System that YOU can KNOW, DO, and TEACH. The real goal when you’re talking to a person who is interested in making money from home, is to help them believe that they really can do it by working with you. That’s why, I always tell people ‘If you can hand out a website and a phone number, then you can do this’. Then I send them to the webiste, or put them on a conference call. My tools do the work for me, and they sit back and realize that they can do that to… It’s So Easy!

Just in case it’s not clear at this point. Here’s a real world example of how I build my business. I only have 2 steps, and they are very Simpe and Duplicate able. I make a great living just doing these 2 steps and teaching my team to do the same thing.

STEP 1 – I send people to my website

STEP 2 – I get them on a conference call

Yes, that’s it… Really! LOL! All I do after that is ask them if they’re ready to get started. If they say no, then I ask them what do they need to see, and when they see it they’ll be able to make a decesion. That’s my whole system, and I make a full time income showing other people how to do just that.

Here’s what you should do with this information:

If you’re looking for a new business, find one with a simple and duplicate able system. This means that you will have a system that you can Know what to do, How to do it, and that you can make money at it.

If you already have a business, especially in network marketing, you need to get it down to a few simple steps. For example in my business I often something like ‘Look Joe, this is simple. If you can hand out a website and a phone number, then you can do this’.

If you will apply these factors in your business, then you can literally multiply your effectiveness and your income immediately. If this has been helpful for you, leave a comment or ask any questions you have!