Google Analytics Bounce Rate

How would you like to get more results for traffic you already have? Understanding your Google analytics bounce rate will help you do exactly that. This article will help you understand what your bounce rate means and how to use it.

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time, then you are probably aware of Google analytics. This tool is designed to help webmasters understand many important aspects of their site. Among those important metrics and Google analytics is your bounce rate.

What Does Your Bounce Rate Mean?

Any time a visitor comes to your site and leaves without visiting another page of your site, this is called a bounce. A high bounce rate would indicate that visitors are not really finding everything they want at your site before leaving. A low bounce rate indicates your visitors found what they wanted and decided to stay to get even more information.

What is a High Google Analytics Bounce Rate?

Anything over 50% is considered to be high. This means that half your visitors come to your site without visiting any other pages. That’s not good. If your bounce rate is over 50% you will want to consider implementing some strategies to help your visitors stay around.

For more information about lowering your bounce rate, visit… What Does Bounce Rate Mean. This post has some great tips about lowering your bounce rate.

What is an Ideal Google Analytics Bounce Rate?

Ideally, you want your bounce rate to be between 20 and 40%. This means that the majority of your visitors are coming to your site, finding good content, and visiting other pages to get even more. This literally means you’re getting multiple page views for every visitor.

Think of it like this, every page your visitor sees is more exposure for you per visitor. That means more opportunities for you to get them into your list or make a sale.

Things that Skew Your Bounce Rate Numbers

  • Your website is new – if your website is brand new or very small, you may have an extremely low bounce rate. Mostly this happens because your family and friends or people who know you are visiting your site checking out everything you’ve done.
  • Your website has little traffic – if your website has less than 150 visitors a day then you really are getting enough numbers to know your bounce rate with any accuracy. The more unique visitors you have every day, the more accurate your bounce rate will be. So if you’re just starting, bounce rate may not be a good metric for you yet.

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