The Best Way to Shorten a URL

Are you ready for the best way to shorten a URL? (A URL is web address, ex:   This video will show you how to save time and effort, while adding the ability to actually track the number of clicks you’re actually getting.

Many website services will shorten a url, but when I discovered this tool  I realized that it was the best because you can do everything you need in just one click. I didn’t even have to highlight and copy the link. This tool does it all.

And the best part is you can now start tracking how many clicks you get. So you KNOW how effective your marketing is! As an added bonus you can also set a threshold so you can be automatically notified when your clicks go over a specific amount.

That’s why I feel that this is the BEST way to shorten a URL.

If this has been helpful for you go grab that tool and get started. It’s completely free, so you can’t lose.