SEO Writing Tips

There are 2 core components to SEO Writing. This video post will show you how to maximize your on-page optimization and your off-page optimization so Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN will rank your sites in the absolutely best position possible.

SEO Writing is all about your content. If content is King, then you’ll want to be a master at creating it in ways that produce results. It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it. You may already be great at producing quality content, but you’ll want to be even better at producing quality traffic. Honestly, you could probably be a mediocre writer and still make an amazing income if you know how to generate traffic from search engines.

So let’s look over a few things to get started. Without a doubt the most important seo writing tips is understanding how to do good keyword research. It’s essential pick good keywords that have traffic. Most inexperienced marketers that I know write their content and then do their keyword research.

You’ll want to set the priority of looking at keywords first. Start by finding keywords with traffic. While this sounds obvious, it’s not. It does no good optimizing a page for “Goblin Super Villains” and building tons of links if NO ONE IS SEARCHING ON THAT TOPIC! To learn more about selecting good keywords read SEO Keyword Selection.

The first thing to focus on is your On-Page Optimization. This consists mainly of getting your keyword phrases in the right places. What you want to do is give Google a clear picture showing what your website is all about. The folks over at Google are pretty smart. They want to see your main keywords in a few key places. The main places they look are  in the title, body, description, tags, and even in the file name of any pictures you put in your post.

Certainly there are many other factors, but those are the main ones. Just rememberto focus the entire page/post on just one keyword without ‘stuffing’ the page. Typically you don’t want your keyword density to be more than 5%, so just write in a way that’s friendly to the Search Engines for Optimization.

The second thing to focus on is your Off-Page Optimization. That includes both the number and the quality of your inbound links. Be sure to learn how to properly use anchor text to maximize the use of your link power comming into your site and Google will than you for it with higher rankings.

One great way to create links to your site from Social Media Networks is by creating Content Syndication. What is Content Syndication? It’s a way to get other people promoting YOUR site on their own favorite social media sites. Using this method you can create hundreds of links from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicous, and up to 40 other awesome social media networks.

And you can always by SEO Services from people like Smith Ellis, or if you are a lawyer you could check out Datahammer to get your site ranked.

What are your favorite SEO Writing Tips? I’d love to hear from you… share them in the comments below and put a link back to your website!