Notable Family Business

KetoFoodOnline A good family business should be profitable of course; but that isn’t all it needs.  It should also reflect something you and your family are passionate about.  Whether it is a product you really believe in, a service you believe adds real value to people’s lives, or just a cute idea that is uplifting … [Read more…]

Could Help Desk Software Improve the Efficiency of Your Online Business?

Running an online business is challenging in the best of times, but in the current economic climate, small business owners must take every opportunity to improve the efficiency of their operations. A smoothly running organization that offers great customer service will not only maintain current customers but may also attract new clients during tough financial … [Read more…]

What is WordPress

WordPress makes it SO SIMPLE to easily upload content to the internet. It’s often referred to as a CMS or Content Management System, because it gives ordinary non-technical people an easy way to create new content and put it online. If you can create an email then you are smart enough to use WordPress. While … [Read more…]

Best Reasons to Choose WordPress

5 Reasons to Choose WordPress WordPress has become one of the most popular tools in the world for website building. It is one of the most talked about topics among business owners. WordPress is an open source software program that is absolutely free to use. It also has a great content management system. This software … [Read more…]

Mannatech Scam Dr. John Rollins Video

Is Mannatech a Scam? In this video Dr. John Rollins reveals the truth about the reliability of this Texas based company. Who is Mannatech? Mannatech is a research and development company specializing in Real Food Technology™ Solutions. The company’s strategy to produce the finest quality forms of real food supplementation have been the subject of … [Read more…]

SEO Duplicate Penalty Myth

Many webmasters talk about the duplicate content penalty, but few understand it’s impact on SEO. This article will shed some needed light on this topic. What is the Duplicate Content Penalty? Duplicate content is exactly what it sounds like. Copying content from one page and republishing it somewhere else. The duplicate content penalty is Google’s … [Read more…]

Does Aweber Require Confirmed Opt In

If you are importing a list into Aweber, is it a requirement for all my subscribers to confirm/double opt-in?  If you are importing your managed list you probably don’t want them having to ‘re-subscribe’. Why would Aweber want me to force my list to confirm their opt-in status? Aweber has one of the highest delivery rates … [Read more…]